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As a community of believers created in the image of God, we inspire and nurture strong communities of faith.  Our Religious and Family Life Education programs impart the knowledge of our faith through scripture, story, and tradition.  The Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario, through the Institute for Catholic Education, provide curriculum policy documents which identify the expectations for each grade and describes the knowledge and skills that students are expected to demonstrate.  Prayer, liturgy and the celebration of the sacraments are opportunities to demonstrate our thankful awareness of God’s presence in the world. 

 “Religious Education in Catholic schools complements family and parish-based catechesis.” (General Directory for Catechesis, 1997) The collaboration of caring adults in the school, the home, and the parish supports students as they grow to become discerning believers, effective communicators, reflective life-long learners, collaborative contributors, caring family members and responsible citizens formed in Catholic traditions. 

Our Catholic faith is made visible in all subject areas through the infusion of Catholic Social Teachings, virtues and gospel values into daily learning experiences.  The Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations guide the learning journey for all students. ​Our Faith Framework is a visible sign of the interconnectedness of Catholic themes throughout the Religion programs from FDK to Grade 12.  

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Religion & Family Life Programs


The Religious Education prgorams taught in Huron-Perth Catholic are published primarily by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB). At the elementary level, these programs invite students to experience the mystery of their Catholic faith through prayer and ​participation in the Liturgy, according to the focus of each year.  As students move through the catechetical program, they gain a deepened knowledge and understanding of their Catholic faith according to the year's focus.  ​

Pearson’s Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ (GFGC) series will replace our current CCCB Religious Education programs.​  The HPCDSB is currently purchasing the Grade One program for each school with the intent to continue purchasing for each grade over the next few years.​


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Fully Alive is a Family Life Education program sponsored by the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario (ACBO). The ACBO is one of the four regional Assemblies of Catholic bishops in Canada, and is made up of all of the Catholic bishops in Ontario.   Catholic Family Life Education is closely associated with Religious Education. In Ontario Catholic schools, it accounts for 20% of the Religious Education program, and is usually taught once a week. 

Family Life Education, as it is represented in Fully Alive, is intended to pass on a distinctively Catholic view of human life, sexuality, marriage, and family. Its goal is to complement the efforts of families and to support what parents are doing at home. The entire program, from Grades 1 through Grade 8 is designed to encourage children to become the people God wants them to be -- to be fully alive.​


Catholic Resources for the Health and Physical Education Curriculum (2015) - The following information provides an update on the materials and resources that have been produced or are currently under development to assist teachers, principals and Catholic school boards in the implementation of the recently revised Health and Physical Education (HPE) curriculum.​  A number of communications materials have been developed to assist school boards in introducing the revised HPE curriculum to parents and explain how the expectations of learning will be delivered as part of the Family Life Education (FLE) curriculum in Catholic schools.