Diocese of London

Our commitment to honour the covenant between schools, homes and parish​​es is based on our support for parishes and schools to collaborate on pastoral plans that nurture the academic and spiritual life of our students.

The Huron-Perth Catholic District School Board ​actively plans fo​r the pastoral care of all of our schools with the guidance of His Excellency Bishop Ronald Fabbro and all parishes of the Huron-Perth Deanery.  We work closely with our parishes to support prayer, sacramentality and share God’s love through the leadership of the Huron-Perth Deanery.

We are dedicated to ensure that prayer, sacramentality and Catholicity are given the highest priority in teaching and learning.  The strength of the parish-home-school relationship is an integral element of our work to foster the Catholic faith of our students.

We are proud of the positive partnerships that we nurture with the Diocese of London, Catholic partners and youth ministries for strong Catholic families.  We look forward to the guidance and leadership of parents to support the celebration of sacraments and the ability of students to express their understanding of God’s love.
The Roman Catholic Diocese of London leads the parishes and schools of the Huron-Perth Catholic District School Board with the leadership of His Excellency Bishop Ronald Fabbro.​

Diocese of London
1070 Waterloo Street​
London, ON N6A 3Y2

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A Letter to Our Community from Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Dabrowski