Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting

The purpose of assessment and evaluation is to improve student learning. The Huron Perth Catholic District School Board believes that assessment and evaluation should be redemptive in nature rather than punitive. We ensure this by using an asset-based lens when monitoring students’ learning and achievement. We use ongoing descriptive feedback to provide all students with meaningful, multiple opportunities for success.


Assessment is the process of gathering information from a variety of sources to accurately reflect how well a student is achieving the curriculum expectation in a subject or course. Evaluation is a judgment made about the assessments of student learning, based on established and shared success criteria. Teachers gather evidence of student learning taken from observations, conversations and student products (such as reports, projects, tests, exams and assignments) over time and use this evidence along with professional judgment to determine students’ grades. Determining a report card grade involves teacher interpretation of evidence and should reflect the student’s most consistent level of achievement, with special consideration given to more recent evidence.

Report Cards

Report cards are one part of continuous communication that provides students and parents with descriptive feedback that is clear, specific, meaningful and timely to support improved learning and achievement. During the school year, all students in grades 1 to 8 receive one Progress Report Card and two Provincial Report Cards. Summary of Progress Reports is issued twice a year to parents of kindergarten students.

Report cards are sent home during the same month each year:

Elementary Progress Report Cards – November
Elementary Provincial Report Card 1 – February
Elementary Provincial Report Card 2 – June

Secondary Semester 1 Midterm Report Cards – November
Secondary Semester 1 Final Report Cards – February 

Secondary Semester 2 Midterm Report Cards – April 

Secondary Semester 2 Final Report Cards – June

Students with Individual Education Plans will follow the same formal reporting period.

Use of Assessments

The use of assessment for the purpose of improving learning and helping students become independent learners requires a culture in which student and teacher learn together in a collaborative relationship, each playing an active role in setting learning goals, developing success criteria, giving and receiving feedback, monitoring progress, and adjusting learning strategies.

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