Distribution of Public Materials

The Huron-Perth Catholic District School Board is committed to nurturing effective communications to support the wellness and achievement of our students.  Our partnerships with local community groups, associations and organizations are important to enhancing the collective health of all communities throughout Huron and Perth counties.  Our Board and schools are approached by many organizations requesting approval to facilitate the sharing of information and/or to distribute materials to students, staff and parents.

In accordance with Board Policy 3E:3 – Advertising in Schools , we respectfully indicate that all requests for the distribution of public materials in schools needs to be submitted to the Office of the Director of Education in advance for approval. Please note that beyond school and Board information, we will only distribute critical, community information from municipal, provincial (public health), or federal governments.  We do not permit solicitation or advertising of products, services or corporations in the schools or on Board property.

To request approval for the Board to post your information, please e-mail the request, outlining your organization, as well as the flyer and/or brochure as an attachment in PDF format only to the Office of the Director of Education.