Office of the Director of Education

Chris Roehrig

Director of Education

Cassidy Flanagan

Cassidy Flanagan

Executive Assistant to the Director of Education


Phone: 519-345-2440 Ext. 8055

​Catholic Education, Teaching and Learning

Karen Tigani

Superintendent of Education



Phone: 519-345-2440 Ext. 8052

Catholic Faith; K-12 Curriculum and Programming



Tara Boreham

Superintendent of Education



Beth Schoonderwoerd

Executive Assistant to the Superintendents of Education

Phone: 519-345-2440 Ext. 8057

Finance and Business Services

Mary-Ellen Ducharme

Superintendent of Business


Valerie Basler

Executive Assistant to the Superintendent of Business



Phone: 519-345-2440 Ext. 8056



Human Resources Services

Karen McDowell

Executive Manager of Employee Relations