Our Focus on Mathematics

We are all born mathematical. The Huron-Perth Catholic District School Board believes in providing all students with positive mathematical experiences through a balance of problem-solving and practice. Teachers create opportunities for students to engage in rich, open-ended tasks so all students learn to see the beauty and relationships in God’s world. Students are encouraged to show their thinking in multiple ways, using tools authentically to develop a deep, conceptual understanding. Classrooms are places of trust, where students have opportunities to talk with each other as they develop positive attitudes towards learning math. We are all math people. ​

How Parents/Caregivers Can Help

Speaking positively about math, playing games and puzzles together, and talking about how you use it in daily life are some of the best ways parents can help children develop an appreciative, curious approach to learning mathematics. To build and reinforce the beauty of mathematics, make note of the way math presents itself in nature, architecture, and technology. Mathematics helps us make sense of the world around us.